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Perfectly Said

So me. I am making this a sticky. perfectly said

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Help Needed

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Scary Story

I just realized that I never posted this story here. It was one that I had written for a short story contest in SL. It’s based on Gor, but… *coughs* I did get a bit creative…

A Halloween Story

by Yummy Tamale

She came to such a sudden stop that a plume of dust arose at her feet. Spiders crossed the road in front of her. Not just one or two… thousands and thousands of spiders. Some were tiny, while others were a big as her hand, with every size in between. Her mouth fell open, a horrified expression on her face.

“My children,” said a tinny mechanical voice behind her. She spun and cried out in stunned horror at the sight of a spider as big as the house she lived in with her Jarl and Mistress. “They are beautiful, are they not?” He asked, and she was certain she heard pride in the voice of the Swamp Spider.

She stumbled a step back, and the Spider’s pearly eyes regarded her with a chilling solemnness. His mandibles spread wide, and broad elastic strands shot from him to wrap around her body. She fell to the ground, wrapped securely in the webbing, from her neck to her groin, then from her upper thighs to her feet.

Screaming, she thrashed in the web, feeling it tighten more and more around her. Her eyes widened as, looking up, she saw that giant spider stepping towards her, long hairy legs moving rather daintily given the bulk of his body.

He stopped over her bound form, and she could see the translator strapped to his abdomen. Tears streamed down her face as she hiccuped out some sobs, trembling wildly in terror. “W-what are y-you.. g… going to d-do to m… me?” She stammered out.

His multiple eyes stared down at her, their pearly luminescence unblinking. She could hear the whir and click of the translator, as it seemed to struggle. Finally, the Spider’s mechanical voice sounded again. “Experiment. You will be the first.”

As the last word left him, his mandibles clicked together several times. Suddenly, the stream of spiders shifted course, instead charging towards her. She screamed and screamed as tiny legs tickled her, and in spite of the webbed barrier, she could feel the finely haired legs marching over her body.

Spider after spider wedged themselves into her ears, while others ran into her mouth as she writhed against the ground. The screams she would have uttered were choked off by the multitude of small arachnids filling her mouth. Still more spiders pushed into her pussy and anus until she was stuffed full of them, and she had the fleeting thought that spiders were even invading her eyes before she passed out.

When she awoke, she was on a stone bed, much like an exam table. The sticky webbing still held her fast, and she had the sense of being bloated. Lifting her head, she noted the obscene curvature of her belly and immediately felt sick. She was laying there, slow tears trickling down her temples to wet her hair, when the giant spider entered the room.

He loomed over her, mandibles lowering toward her immobile form. She squeezed her eyes closed tightly, prepared for the slash of the pincher-like jaws on her body. Instead, she felt the investigative touch of the sensory hairs on its foremost leg. “You do not need to fear me. The Swamp People do not harm rational beings.”

Her eyes flew open, the bright blue orbs stunned. “Then why are you doing this to me?” The translator whirred and clicked rapidly, seeming to indicate a sudden flurry of words. “Priest-Kings… they think we are weak. I will build an army, and then Swamp People will overthrow this alien species.”

She felt his leg stroking over her bare hip, and she gave a shake of her head, confused. Perhaps the Spider saw this, for he added, “You are my incubator. You will bear my children and grandchildren. You are the first.”

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Mesh Head

Someone in Fashion Emergency encouraged me to take the huge leap into buying a mesh head in Second Life, and I have to say… I love it. I found a nice photography spot and took a bunch of pictures. I can’t really decide which one I like the best, out of the six I kept… so here they are.

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loyal one

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The Online-ism of Breeding Wine

Someone bred me in roleplay. I’m not typically a fan of this type of roleplay, but this guy actually put a lot of thought into how to do this and get away with it. I had researched the topic of breeding wine before, as someone had tried to roleplay a pregnancy with me. I was clear on the way it could work, and the guy’s roleplay seemed plausible to me. So I put on a Mama Allpa hud to let that decide 1.) Where I was at in my cycle, and 2.) if I would get pregnant.

I did get pregnant. Immediately, someone jumps into my IMs to correct me on my roleplay.

[16:14:58] XXX: you do realize it takes a whole cycle to make breeding wine effective right? you cant get pregnant instantaneously
[16:15:31] Yummy Tamale: That’s not true. There’s a quote in the books where the slave was given breeding wine and led to the breeding shed.
[16:16:09] XXX: there are quotes that go against things hes said before
[16:16:10] XXX: too
[16:16:28] XXX: but the only thing i know that is instantaneous in the books is the healing salve of the PKs
[16:17:28] Yummy Tamale: So I should disregard the quote about a slave being given breeding wine and being taken to the shed for breeding because Norman is a terribly inconsistent writer?
[16:19:16] XXX: its your secondlife but according to my training it doesnt work that way
[16:23:13] Yummy Tamale: So whoever trained you totally disregarded that quote as well. It said no where in the books that it takes a whole cycle for breeding wine to be effective. I’m sorry that whoever trained you chose to not to teach you that.

The quote that I refer to:

The Releaser, however, is not only palatable, but aromatic and delicious.  When it is given to the girl she may, to her dismay and misery, and perhaps shrieking for mercy, expect to be soon sent to the breeding sheds, to be chained and hooded, and crossed with a male slave, who is similarly hooded. (Kur of Gor)

In typical Norman style, he gives the breeding wine an indefinite time period of effectiveness — soon. The dictionary defines “soon” as “in or after a short time.” Is a month a short time? Not to me. Soon implies within a few minutes to me. But I suppose that’s open to interpretation.

Speaking of interpretation, the person I had this conversation with is basing her condescending attitude on the “training” of a bunch of people who have, for some reason, decided that breeding wine works how they decree.

“Yet the elders of the caste agree that no one, besides Norman himself, knows the complete ingredients in breeding wine, or if and what dosage Teslik itself is enough.  Again, that women had to be in the right phase of their mensus for breeding wine to be effective without going through.”

First of all, Norman is the ultimate authority in all things Gorean, and HE wrote girls would be taken to the breeding shed SOON after being given breeding wine. Not a month later. Second, the above argument is based upon the way the human body works. Although Goreans are human, the books are in the science fiction category for a reason. Gor is not Earth. Biology is different (sleens, anyone?). Goreans have invented serums that result in immortality (within reason) and a lack of aging. Yet it’s not plausible that they might invent a substance that reverses the effects of slave wine immediately? I call bullshit.

Breeding wine is not a fertility drug. It’s not a miracle drug that makes pregnancy a sure thing. But once given, the ABILITY to get pregnant is there AS SOON AS the liquid is digested. Whether or not a woman actually GETS pregnant depends on many things. But some opinion that breeding wine takes a whole month to be effective is NOT one of them.

I find the fact that people who proclaim themselves to be experts on the subject of Gorean medicine would perpetuate some falsehood to be extremely distasteful. There is NO quote in the books where Norman writes “it takes a whole cycle to make breeding wine effective.” None.

More context:

The background for the SL Gor storying of breeding wine’s effects being NOT immediate was pragmatism: there was a trend at one stage towards some exceedingly lame RP where someone would cap a woman, force her to drink breeding wine and force her to be pregnant while chuckling evilly.

This was of course considered a most un-Gorean way of dealing with captives and so the construct was developed that you simply needed more time to fall fertile after taking breeding wine. This in term then would require the captors to roleplay for several days with their captives, which was outside their attention span.

Breeding wine NOT being immediately effective is a noble and pragmatic but incorrect interpretation of the effects of breeding wine.

— Dren Bernard, SL Gor Physician

From an elder physician in SL Gor:

[2015/09/23 10:14:18] Yummy Tamale: I’m sending you this notecard in case there are any issues with my rp.
XXX: you are right and the green is wrong
[2015/09/23 15:40:07] Yummy Tamale: thank you
XXX: you’re welcome
XXX: if you have issues with her then just come see me from now on

[2015/09/23 15:58:53] Yummy Tamale: lol I like her though… or I liked her a lot more until she kinda spoiled my happiness over getting real, long term rp
XXX: this is not earth and she has to deal with that
XXX: I will not hold my infirmary to onlineisms to please others
[2015/09/23 16:01:14] Yummy Tamale: Yup, and I’m sorry she was not taught correctly. Regardless, she has no right to hop into my IMs the way she did.
XXX: yes I agree to that and no matter I will just make her use my notecards
[2015/09/23 16:02:26] Yummy Tamale: She’s good. Very thorough. But wrong in this case.

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Just Sayin’




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…No happiness can be secure if it’s rooted in changeable, destructible things. Our bank accounts can grow or shrink, our careers can prosper or falter, even our loved ones can be taken from us. There is only one place the world can’t touch: our inner selves, our choice at every moment to be brave, to be reasonable, to be good…

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Lies + Angry = This

Since people are telling lies about me, let’s set the record straight.

[] [2014/11/07 13: 56] Cameron Xenno: why did they lock it
[] [2014/11/07 13: 56] Yummy (yummy.tamale): Because they gave you a full refund
[] [2014/11/07 13: 56] Cameron Xenno: it was bullshit for 3 mths they charge one amount and then start charging me $42 every two days…
[] [2014/11/07 13: 57] Yummy (yummy.tamale): I know it was bullshit, and I wanted you to get your money back. I just didn’t know it would result in me not having internet anymore.
[] [2014/11/07 13: 58] Cameron Xenno: i left my card on there so they would pay it each mth… now your mad at me?? I was keeping you on here in the first place.. .. well.. im not going to pay over $400 a mth for internet… you need to deal with them… i also am not going to pay $400+ … so Im the bad guy?
[] [2014/11/07 13: 59] Yummy (yummy.tamale): I’m not mad. I’m just lost… I’m so stuck now.
[] [2014/11/07 14: 00] Cameron Xenno: they could see from the previous payments what should be charged..
[] [2014/11/07 14: 00] Cameron Xenno: i payed 3 times and then they started charging every 2 days…
[] [2014/11/07 14: 01] Cameron Xenno: and they should have notified you if that was happening, and you should have told me…
[] [2014/11/07 14: 01] Yummy (yummy.tamale): Because the last time you put your info in, you ticked the automatic renewal box.
[] [2014/11/07 14: 04] Cameron Xenno: I left my info in there so it would renew each mth… they could see and should have said somethign , or notified you that you were gettig billed every 2 days
[] [2014/11/07 14: 05] Yummy (yummy.tamale): should have…. doesn’t matter now

[21:57:00] Yummy Tamale: [21:51:45] Ąιιαɾϊчα (allariya): OMG yummy….shut the fuck up! Don’t you have someones credit card to fraud or something?? Oh wait…you did that already….MY BAD!….stfu! geez

[2015/06/17 21:59:17]  Yummy Tamale:  ((*)) You put your card info in there and you hit the submit button, and I did not steal from you. It was your offer and your choice, and when something went wrong with it, you got all of your money right ((meant to type BACK)).
[22:02:13] ƇƛMЄƦƠƝ ҲЄƝƝƠ (cameron.xenno): i havent said anyting and zI havent even mentioned you.. You defriended me .. leave me alone.. I was nice to you and .. I offered to hlp you with your internet yes.. not at $700 a month.. I havent said anyting .. so leave me alone
[22:05:10] ƇƛMЄƦƠƝ ҲЄƝƝƠ (cameron.xenno): I got all the charges reversed because my card company saw your companie would do nothing to help them out.. and im the one who is at fault? since then I will never offer to help anyone again… I imed allyria and told her to stop
[22:05:54] Yummy Tamale: And I didn’t take that money from you, though you are exxagerating a lot because it was closer to 400. And you got ALL of that back. You clearly said something, otherwise Sassy and Alleriya wouldn’t be accusing me of credit card fraud, which simply did not happen or I would be in jail. I defriended you because you didn’t trust me enough to let me handle the internet company. You asked for ALL of the charges to be refunded, even the ones you AGREED to, so my internet was cut off FOR GOOD and I was completely screwed.
[22:06:18] ƇƛMЄƦƠƝ ҲЄƝƝƠ (cameron.xenno): It was 700.. 42 every 2 days
[22:06:24] ƇƛMЄƦƠƝ ҲЄƝƝƠ (cameron.xenno): i saw my bill and about flipped
[22:06:51] ƇƛMЄƦƠƝ ҲЄƝƝƠ (cameron.xenno): the ones i payed were payed.. not reversed.. the ones on the last bill were reversed
[22:07:30] ƇƛMЄƦƠƝ ҲЄƝƝƠ (cameron.xenno): You told me your internet company wouldnt do anything
[22:07:43] Yummy Tamale: I didn’t click the button to pay the bill. I didn’t have access to your credit card information. My company wouldn’t do anything because it wasn’t your account. It was mine, but you didn’t give me time to contact them. I would have done everything I could have to fix the issue, but you just went ahead with whatever. And I did not ever say that to you.
[22:07:44] ƇƛMЄƦƠƝ ҲЄƝƝƠ (cameron.xenno): you werent the one looking at a 700 dollar bill
[22:08:19] Yummy Tamale: No, my company told me that every charge made on your card was reversed, that I would have to pay that to get my internet back
[22:08:54] ƇƛMЄƦƠƝ ҲЄƝƝƠ (cameron.xenno): I offered to pay your fucking internet… I asked you to contact them.. and no companie would charge 42 every other day for internet service,, how backward ass is that… your ungratful
[22:08:55] Yummy Tamale: and no, I wasn’t ((meaning I wasn’t looking at a huge credit card bill)), but I was freaked out too because if I couldn’t fix it, I was going to have to find a way to pay you back for all of that money
[22:09:24] ƇƛMЄƦƠƝ ҲЄƝƝƠ (cameron.xenno): you tolds me they wouldnt do anythign and you would sell your camera to pay me back… i wasnt going to wairt for that
[22:09:42] ƇƛMЄƦƠƝ ҲЄƝƝƠ (cameron.xenno): please leave me alone.. its paste and im donewith it
[22:10:54] Yummy Tamale: I’m ungrateful? I had nothing to do with the over charges. I was doing everything I could to fix it. And yes, I would have sold my camera if it came to that. Fine. But you are so wrong. I was grateful for your help, and I was devastated when you got screwed for helping me. You are telling people I committed credit card fraud, and that’s just wrong.
[22:14:09] ƇƛMЄƦƠƝ ҲЄƝƝƠ (cameron.xenno): im not saying anything.. believe me .. after you defriended I was done , and i havent discussed it since.. China and I did because she knew all along I was paying for it, and she also saw how you left and the issue of the $700… and how you said Thanks.. like thanks for nothing… just stay oout of my ims, and maybe try not to be a showcase in raid messenger to get attention.. i dont come on here to have fun, i treated you as a fiend and helped you out.. i learned a lesson
[22:19:02] Yummy Tamale: It was not 700. It was closer to 400. The company told me that when I called. I was trying to figure out what happened, and they were looking into it. But after you had the charges reversed, they wouldn’t discuss it with me. They directed me to a different division where I was told my account was closed permanently, and they would not discuss anything with me. And I said thanks sarcastically because I was stuck in the middle of nowhere with no way to job hunt which is the main reason I needed internet in the first place. ((*)) So yeah, thanks. You could have trusted me for two more days while I dealt with it and paid you back. And I don’t chat in RM for attention. I chat to have fun, joke around, and meet people I haven’t met. Whatever… think whatever you want.
[22:20:30] ƇƛMЄƦƠƝ ҲЄƝƝƠ (cameron.xenno): it was 700 + do the math..$42 for just about a month.. every 2 days
[22:20:49] Yummy Tamale: For two weeks
[22:20:54] ƇƛMЄƦƠƝ ҲЄƝƝƠ (cameron.xenno): at least what showed up on my bill…
[22:21:00] Yummy Tamale: Look
[22:21:36] Yummy Tamale: I am sorry that happened to you. If you had given me time, I would have done whatever it took to make that right. I’m sorry you didn’t believe that.

*I did edit part of this conversation that had parts of RL info.

Funny how he first tells me it’s $400, then months later the story changes to $700. I contacted the company again, in the hopes that they will be more willing to provide me with information. If they do, I will post that as well.


Thanks for sending us an email. We received your message dated6/18/15.

We will respond to your email shortly.

In the event you need to contact us regarding your original message,
please refer to the Case #59326881. This will help us locate and review
your correspondence with us.

Thanks once again for writing. We’ll be in touch very soon.

Virgin Mobile USA Customer Support.

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